Customer Experience Examples You Should Copy

Hey, let me spill the beans on some hidden gems in the customer loyalty game – these lesser-known personal brands that are absolutely killing it with experiences that are nothing short of amazing.

Peak Design

First up, there’s Peak Design. These guys are like the unsung heroes of the camera accessory world. Not only do they create top-notch gear, but their customer service is on another level. They genuinely care about your experience, helping you find the perfect camera strap or bag like you’re old pals.


Now, there’s this online marketplace called Etsy, and within it, you’ll find sellers like TheVintageVamp who curates the coolest vintage finds. It’s like stumbling upon a treasure chest of unique items. The personal touch these sellers bring, from handwritten thank-you notes to custom packaging, turns buying into a delightful journey.


Let’s talk about Bombas. They make socks – yeah, socks! But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill socks. For every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need. It’s like making a difference with every step. Plus, their customer service is as warm and fuzzy as their socks.

Herbivore Botanicals

Now, when it comes to skincare, have you ever stumbled upon Herbivore Botanicals? This brand is all about natural ingredients and crystal-infused products. But what really sets them apart is the genuine effort they put into helping customers find the perfect skincare routine – it’s like having a skincare buddy.

Matt D’Avella

And let’s not forget about Matt D’Avella, a minimalist filmmaker and creator. His content isn’t just about decluttering your physical space; it’s about simplifying your life. The personal touch in his videos makes you feel like you’re on this minimalism journey together, not just watching from the sidelines.


These brands might not be the household names, but they’ve mastered the art of creating experiences that stick. It’s not just about what they sell; it’s about the relationship they build with you. So, if you’re ever on the lookout for something special, these lesser-known gems might just become your new favorites.

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