Attributes Of Good Keywords

Let’s talk about keywords – those secret agents that make or break your online game. It’s not just about throwing words around; it’s about choosing the Avengers of keywords that will save the day for your content or business. Here are the attributes of good keywords you must know!

1. Relevance

– Think of your keywords like matchmakers. If you’re blogging about DIY home decor, don’t go dropping keywords about rocket science. Stick to keywords like “easy DIY home projects” or “budget-friendly home decor.”

2. Search Volume

– Imagine you’re choosing a Netflix show. You don’t want something so obscure that only three people have watched it, but you also don’t want to watch what everyone else is watching. Go for the sweet spot – keywords like “best cozy mystery books” instead of just “books.”

3. Long-Tail Wonders

– Long-tail keywords are the underdogs. Instead of “running shoes,” try “best running shoes for flat feet.” Specificity is your BFF in the keyword game.

4. User Intent

– It’s like mind-reading (almost). If your users want to know how to fix a leaky faucet, don’t go throwing keywords like “faucet dance moves.” Focus on “DIY fix leaky faucet.”

5. Competition Analysis

– Sneak a peek at what your digital buddies are up to. If you’re selling handmade soap, check what keywords your competitors are using – maybe “organic handmade soap” is your golden ticket.

6. Trendy Vibes

– Keywords are like fashion; some are timeless, and others are so last season. If you’re into fitness, ride the trend with keywords like “home workout trends 2024.”

7. Location Matters

– If your cupcakes are delighting taste buds in Brooklyn, don’t forget to sprinkle some “Brooklyn best cupcakes” magic in your keywords.

When crafting keywords for your SEO, don’t overthink it. There are great tools available that you can use to streamline the process and get the ball rolling ASAP. Remember to use them appropriately for maximum effect. See ya!

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